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GIFs for the TV Show Heroes
The rules are simple - if you have gifs from the TV show Heroes or featuring any of the actors from Heroes, post them so we can all enjoy them.

Remember to put them behind a cut to spare people's computers, and that's it!

Have a Heroes GIF? Share a Heroes GIF. We all love Heroes GIFs.
1) Only post GIFs relevant to Heroes and Heroes actors.

2) tinypic.com is a great place to upload GIFs. It's free and doesn't have bandwidth limits like photoshop.com.

3) Please use tags to make GIFs easier to find. Actors name for actors, character names for characters. Other than that, I'm giving you guys a large degree of freedom, and if I really have a problem with something, I'll go through and tag myself. If I feel I don't have the time to add tags on my own, I might post a note about tags, but I really don't think it'll be a big deal.

4) Warn for spoilers. Not everyone likes to be surprised by spoilers, for some reason.

5) LJ-cuts. Let's say you can post two GIFs before you have to do a cut, and let's say that neither GIF before a cut be larger than 300 pixels in width, mostly because there are some skinny layouts out there.

6) If you already have a GIF post in your own LJ, feel free to just link to it instead of reposting the whole thing.

7) NO HOTLINKING. People get titchy about that, and then we can't see the GIF. No fun!

All in all, this is a pretty laid-back comm. I doubt I'll have to step in very often to smack people around with an iron fist, but if I have to step down from my ivory tower to do so, I will. I'll give you some warnings first, though - no more than three - because I'm lazy and don't want to get up to track you down. Even that "ban" button is a bother to use at eight in the morning.
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Special thanks to vickyblueeyez for her work with the rules, the profile, and her awesomeness in general.
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